How to Change Monitor Refresh Rate

Why would you want to learn how to change the monitor refresh rate? Most of us do not. This is because we are simply not that bothered by it. Monitor refresh rate is one of the features that we find very useful, but it does not bother us too much. We do not use the fast forward and slow-motion options often when playing our games so that feature has probably been taken for granted by us already.

What is important though is the refresh rate of your monitor. It tells the computer how often it has to refresh the image on your screen. The higher the rate the more frequent the image refresh will be. We tend to turn this feature off unless we are having serious problems with a game or other program that we are playing. However, the refresh rate can have a lot to do with game performance.

To understand how this works, let's look at an example. If you are playing a first-person shooter game then your character is moving around the screen very rapidly. There is a lot of detail involved. Each frame of the game is created in a fraction of a second. The game is designed to display as many frames of animation as possible within one frame.

Now the problem occurs when the image refresh rate exceeds the rate allowed by the graphics card. The card cannot display all the frames within a single second. The image refresh time becomes very slow. It may be taking several seconds for the image to be displayed. What is happening is that you are moving the camera too quickly through the viewscreen, therefore the display doesn't catch up.

Here's the short answer on how to change the monitor refresh rate: When playing your game, turn your monitor's resolution down as low as possible. This will prevent your image from becoming blurred and jagged. It also helps to minimize lag. Don't forget to check out other computer resources like game benchmarks and internet forums when trying to figure this out for yourself. Sometimes it takes seeing it for yourself to realize just how bad the performance is.

A second method involves checking the manufacturer's website. Many manufacturers offer game testing programs that can detect and measure the best display refresh rate for the games you play. You can then set the monitor's refresh rate that works best for you. Most manufacturers are compatible with most monitors. It's not unusual for games with multiple monitors to use the same refresh rate.

How to change the monitor refresh rate is an important issue because some games are designed to run better on certain types of monitors than others. For example, you might have found that playing a first-person shooter or a first-person paintball game on a high refresh rate monitor made everything run a lot smoother. On the other hand, first-person shooters or any game with frames per second (FPS) where your movement is very fast, tends to run better on lower resolutions. The bottom line is that you need to experiment and find what works best for you.

Your gameplay may also be affected by the hardware configuration. Some gaming computers use graphic cards that can cause your monitor refresh rate to fluctuate. If you're playing a high-end PC game, you might want to increase the maximum allowed frame rate. However, if you're using a lower-end PC, you could get too much screen flickering and see the jaggedness effect. So instead, you should try to play the game at a lower resolution.

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